Sunday, July 1, 2007

Superhero Saturday

I had said I was going to talk about Batman next, but first I should mention that I saw Fantastic Four today. It was okay, in spite of some stupid dialogue. Sample quote from Richard Reed:

It's our wedding, Sue, and I'm not going to let anything interfere with that. Not even widespread disruption of matter at the quantum level.

The quote above might not be word for word accurate, but it's close enough to what he actually said.

The best part was the way that the movie plays with the idea of the vapidity of celebrity culture obsession. One of the things that makes F4 unique is that they don't have secret identities. So when the entire world is in danger of being devoured by Galactus, the only thing anyone cares about is what Reed & Sue's china pattern is.

The main reason I wanted to see this is that the Silver Surfer is in this one. In the movie the Surfer is being blackmailed to work for Galactus, going to planets and surfing holes through them for a few days before the big G comes and chows down. Upon learning that Earth has developed sufficient CGI technology to portray him, he puts us next on the list.

Faced with the mystery of Surfer-boy causing disruption throughout the planet, the Four are strongarmed into working with Victor Von Doom, upon which they come up with a "tachyon pulse" which separates the SS from his board, upon which he turns into a dude in silver body paint.

Luckily for us the Surfer decides he cannot participate in the destruction of a planet that contains a rack like Jessica Alba's, so all that's left to do is get the board back from Dr. Doom, who of course stole it, so the Surfer can get on it and go blow up Galactus.

Two insanely obvious questions: first of all, as a massive blob of cosmic energy that devours planets, what exactly did Galactus need Silver Surfer for? Second is Silver Surfer could blow up Galactus, why was he ever working for him?

But ignoring that, the plot flows pretty smoothly. Better, it doesn't have anything that Jeff (4-year old son) can't see. So that's a good summer afternoon turn-out.

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