Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Haunted by the martini I didn't finish

Went to Black Betty, one of the yummiest & cheapest middle eastern places in Williamsburg. If you live in NY & are under 30, you probably think of it as a bar. Try the felafel plate; you've never eaten so much for 9 bucks.

Anyway, I had a martini (Beefeater, of course; please don't call it a martini if it's made with vodka), & the waitress took a million years to bring it. Then she didn't get my order for the felafel plate, and that took forever too. She kept coming by and apologizing; I was expecting it to end up like the Monty Python restaurant sketch, where the owner of the restaurant commits suicide.

So she was so sorry she spotted me the meal and the first martini, so I thought, why not get a second one? I was already pretty buzzed after the first one, but I hadn't paid for it, so I couldn't resist.

But by the time I got the second one, everyone was already talking about leaving. I was about halfway through the second martini when people started getting up. I knew if I slammed the rest of that martini I'd be sorry as hell; knocked out tonight and hurting like hell tomorrow.

So I left half a martini on the table. It was totally the right decision. But I can't get that jigger and a half of Beefeater out of my head.

Never mind that if I hadn't gotten the first martini free, I wouldn't have even thought to get the second one. Never mind that I got every bit as buzzed as I had expected and more. All I can think about is how much I wish I could take that last gulp of gin.

So I can't decide. Am I doing pretty good, because I passed on the second 'tini? Or do I have a problem, because I can't get over it?


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like the last drop of an exceptional martini; especially if an olive is involved. This will haunt you forever...

Penelope said...

I love appltinis (sp???).

However, I don't drink them often, as the next morning I tend to end up with a wreched headache.

Yes, this is only after one.


Jim Stewart said...

Of course I ate the olive!

Penelope, if your head doesn't hurt the next day you didn't really do anything.

seattle girl said...

Perhaps it comes down to the "last one," which should, in all reality, not be injested if one wants to avoid the wreched headache. Who was it that said, "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep geting what you're getting." How I love getting caught up in the moment but hate it when "the moment" has caught up with me...

Martial Arts Geek said...


well, you paid for one martini, and drank one and a half, so its ok to leave it.

but if you had paid for both and only drank one and a half, then you arewasting money, and therefore you should finish it.

there you go