Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More on batman, as promised

I promised day before yesterday to talk about Jeff's Batman comic he's been watching. This one is from what looks like right after the '89 Batman movie with Micheal Keaton...

[begin flashback]

Wow, I'm just thinking back to how I reacted to the idea of casting Mr. Mom as Batman all those many years ago. I just had a moment exactly like that. I was walking down Bedford & saw an ad on a bus station for Hairspray starring...Christopher Walken! I was trying to think of an example of casting against type that matched Christopher Walken starring in Hairspray. I was thinking, maybe, having Sandra Bullock play a serial killer but actually I could see them doing that.

Now I have it. Putting Chris Walken in Hairspray is like having Micheal Keaton play Bruce Wayne!

[end flashback]

Anyway, I highly recommend this. It has some obvious anime influence, and also is trying really hard to have a social conscience. Of the four episodes, only one has an actual "supervillain," in the form of the joker. The rest are more like Batman dealing with social injustice.

In the first episode "The Underdwellers,", Batman catches a bad guy who makes little homeless children steal for him. In the second, "POV," three different cops try to remember how Batman broke up a group of bad guys. But all the cops are in a hearing where they're accused of being on the take. And in the third episode, Bruce Wayne, undercover as a homeless guy, gets kidnapped into a chain gang where they force other homeless guys to dig for gold for a sleazy fat slave driver.

Still, Jeff liked it. There's lots of bank crash pow fight scenes, and the animation is tight as all get out. Highly recommended.

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