Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recommended Link - Carl Frederick's website

For anyone who hasn't trolled through my blogroll, I highly recommend checking out Carl Frederick's Website. It's not a blog, sadly, because I'd like to hear what the man has to say every day.

Especially recommended is his page connected to the musical fruit fly genome story. Carl is very interested in ideas connected to "first contact," and a lot of his stories are about that topic. But he always seems to do it in a way that no one else thinks of. Be sure to listen to the song.

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Matt Jarpe said...

I like the robot. How many people have a robot in their house? Well, we've got two, but they're little and not very programmable. Carl told me the Omnibot isn't operational right now, but he could dust it off and fire it up any time he wants. Although I hope he spends that time writing instead.