Friday, July 27, 2007

Saint Elizabeth Street

Everyone go check out the new issue of Saint Elizabeth Street, the poetry magazine that Jennifer & I put together. Lately Jen's in charge of the editorial side, and I'm more the designer. The picture for Issue 6 was taken my my mother, Marie, who has an instinct for making a familiar place look magical and new. For people who aren't familiar with New York, it's the statue of Balzac in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art.

Oddly, when I was tagging people with the meme that Matthew Jarpe infected me with, I forgot to pass it onto Jennifer at The Saint Elizabeth Street Blog. It's something about how we enter our own universes in blogging. Jen is making her name in the poetry world, while I'm focusing on speculative fiction. If you want to see her poetry, pre-order her book Derivative of the Moving Image, coming out soon from University of New Mexico Press.

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mjae said...


I'm writing to you from ABQ. The Slam scene is putting together a book and would love to include you. We've been accepted for publication by UNM Press. I'm working with Danny Solis & Don McIver. We don't know how else to reach you. Can you shoot me an email?

Thanks! Glad to see you're having fun and success in NYC!

Mikaela Renz