Monday, April 25, 2016

The cool new tech thing for kids is...Windows? Wait, what?

So my life and job leads me to interact with a lot of tech-forward teenagers, and I've noticed a weird trend in the last year or so: Windows is suddenly cool. (I was going to say "cool again", but was it ever?). 

It wasn't long ago that I believed that computers of any sort, let alone Windows machines, were on their way to obsolescence for anything but actual work. But in the last year or so suddenly every kid wants to either have a Windows laptop, or, if they have a Mac, to have Windows on it using BootCamp or something similar. My son has barely touched his iPad in weeks. 

This is primarily because the computer games they want to play are on Steam. Terraria in particular is most popular, but there are others like Spelunky and BroForce. I'm not saying they exactly _like_ Windows. Everyone still complains about how terrible it is, and they argue over whether to use Windows 10 or Windows 7 (anything but 8). But they all want it. Not sure what this means, but it's interesting.

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