Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working on the farm

This morning, I went with Cara to help out on the organic farm outside of town. The farm is down in the valley, meaning a descent of between 500 and 1000 feet. On the way we met Andres and his adorable 6-year old son Muyan, whose name I am almost certainly misspelling.

Luckily I grew up around mountains; the descent was steep and there was barely a path. The farm is new, but will grow maize, squash, beans, potatoes, buckwheat, cilantro, and tomatoes among other things. There is also a small circular pond that will have edible fish.

There was a problem, because the pond was leaking and the water was going to the wrong place. So Cara needed a ditch dug so that the water went where they wanted it to.

Like an idiot I came to a Central American country with no sunblock. So I knew I was getting burned. At least I had a hat, so my face isn´t so bad.

But we got the ditch dug, and it worked! Then, when I was already exhausted and burned a bright red, I had to climb back up to the village. By the time I got back I was nearly dead. But I am feeling better now. I got some eggs and vegetables, and I´m going home to make an omelette, if I can get the fire going.

I am just too tired to put up the pictures now, but I hope to tomorrow.

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