Sunday, August 5, 2007

Story in next issue of Apex

So I just got my contract from Apex Digest for my first pro publication, "I Can't Look at the City." The editor, Jason Sizemore, has been fantastic to work with, always accessible by e-mail and keeping me up to date on when my story's coming out.

So it will be in issue 11, the issue after this one. The nice thing about Apex is it's well distributed, so it's available in pretty much every Barnes & Noble. So please check it out. I will post when Issue 11 hits the shelves.


Alyssa said...

Congrtz on the sale!!

Matt Jarpe said...

I don't know what point is the most exciting in the whole getting published transaction: getting word of acceptance, getting the contract, getting paid or seeing the magazine. Enjoy them all. Congrats. I'll keep an eye out for the mag.

Jim Stewart said...

Thanks, Alyssa.

Matt, I think I'll enjoy the check the most. 'Course, I've bought $200 in scifi books in the last week, so I've more than spent it. : )