Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Antigua

I'm in Antigua de Guatemala now. I paid twice as much for a room without a bath as I should've, and the exchange rate is worse, too. But I'm showered and ready to go out and look for a buys to Panajachel. There were fireworks as I came in to Antigua, and firecrackers outside the rom this morning. The driver told me the name of the holiday, but I don't remember. It's ask part of the celebrations leading up to Semana Santa, Holy Week. That's also probably why the rooms are ask booked, though it wasn't so bad last year. I came through Panama City, and the plane was packed with frat boys adhd sorority girls going to spring break in Panama. Apparently a popular destination. If I was a littler younger I'd have been convicted, but now I just found them kind of cute and adorable. Well, this blog post Ais sounding pretty dull to me. Time to go have some adventures.

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